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Neve, Eini - Best After: Basic Instructions on Being a Human, e-kirja

Best After: Basic Instructions on Being a Human

Neve, Eini


No one should be withheld from information on how to cast a solid foundation for one’s mental health and maturation into an authentic adult. This book helps to improve self-worth, straighten distortions in thinking and update the outdated silent assumptions. The

Farrington-Flint, Lee - Learning and the E-Generation, e-kirja

Learning and the E-Generation

Farrington-Flint, Lee


Assesses the psychological factors at play, including social, cognitive, and behavioral characteristics that are influenced by exposure to technology Addresses the risks and benefits of 21st century digital technology on children and young adults Written by two experts in the field who draw on the latest

Christensen, Marit - The Positive Side of Occupational Health Psychology, e-kirja

The Positive Side of Occupational Health Psychology

Christensen, Marit


Table of contents
1. What Is the Meaning of the Concept of Work from an Occupational Health Perspective?
Per Øystein Saksvik
2. What Is Health from an Occupational Health Perspective?
Marit Christensen
3. Explanatory Models in Occupational Health Psychology
Per Øystein Saksvik
4. Facilitating a Meaningful

Stein, Steven J. - Emotional Intelligence For Dummies, e-kirja

Emotional Intelligence For Dummies

Stein, Steven J.

Alk. 18,70€

Through practical, proven techniques and helpful exercises, you'll discover how you can increase your confidence, build stronger relationships with your partner, family, and colleagues, and find authentic happiness.
Manage your emotions — identify