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Boehmer, Elleke - Nelson Mandela: A Very Short Introduction, e-kirja

Nelson Mandela: A Very Short Introduction

Boehmer, Elleke


Set within a biographical frame, this Very Short Introduction explores the reasons why his story is so important to us in the world at large today, and what his achievements signify. It shows how our picture of Mandela is a great deal more complicated than the legend

Goetz, Stewart - C. S. Lewis, e-kirja

C. S. Lewis

Goetz, Stewart


In this groundbreaking project, Goetz explores how Lewis’s views on topics of lasting interest such as happiness, morality, the soul, human freedom, reason, and imagination shape his understanding of myth and his use of it in his own stories, establishing new connections

, Plato - Selected Myths, e-kirja

Selected Myths

, Plato


Each myth is a self-contained story, prefaced by a short explanatory note, while the introduction considers Plato's use of myth and imagery. - ;'Once upon a time there were just the gods; mortal beings did not yet exist.' We are used to thinking of myths as