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Pawling, Christopher - Critical Theory and Political Engagement, e-kirja

Critical Theory and Political Engagement

Pawling, Christopher


Critical Theory and Radical Politics in the Late Sixties
Christopher Pawling
2. Marxism and Artistic Commitment
Christopher Pawling
3. Humanism and Post-Humanism: The Antinomies of Critical Theory, Post-May ’68
Christopher Pawling
4. Rediscovering

Gagliardi, Pasquale - Aesthetics of Universal Knowledge, e-kirja

Aesthetics of Universal Knowledge

Gagliardi, Pasquale


Table of contents
1. Text and Context: Genius Loci (A Preface)
Pasquale Gagliardi
2. Introduction
Simon Schaffer
Part I. Visions: How Aesthetics and Museology Affect the Ways in Which Worlds can be Shown and Known
3. Re-visioning…

Winston, Brian - The Rushdie <Emphasis Type="Italic">Fatwa</Emphasis> and After, e-kirja

The Rushdie Fatwa and After

Winston, Brian


Table of contents
1. Introduction A Lesson to the Circumspect
Brian Winston
2. A Story to Pass the Waking Hours of the Night
Brian Winston
3. A More Remarkable Story
Brian Winston
4. Give Me More of These Examples

Pettman, Dominic - Infinite Distraction, e-kirja

Infinite Distraction

Pettman, Dominic


It is often argued that contemporary media homogenize our thoughts and actions, without us being fully aware of the restrictions they impose. But what if the problem is not that we are all synchronized to the same motions or moments, but rather dispersed into countless different emotional

Badiou, Alain - Controversies: Politics and Philosophy in our Time, e-kirja

Controversies: Politics and Philosophy in our Time

Badiou, Alain


In this wide-ranging and compelling dialogue, these two great thinkers explore the role of politics in today's world and consider the need for a formal theory of communist political organization. Whether they are addressing the era of revolutions, and in particular