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Cook, Julie - Ethics Dumping, e-kirja

Ethics Dumping

Cook, Julie


Table of contents
1. Ethics Dumping: Introduction
Doris Schroeder, Julie Cook, François Hirsch, Solveig Fenet, Vasantha Muthuswamy
2. Social Science Research in a Humanitarian Emergency Context
Gwenaëlle Luc, Chiara Altare
3. International Genomics Research Involving the San People
Roger Chennells,

Bar-Am, Nimrod - Encouraging Openness, e-kirja

Encouraging Openness

Bar-Am, Nimrod


Table of contents
Part I. Reflections on Rationalism as a Tradition and a Choice
1. Why Don’t Scientists Respect Philosophers?
Mario Bunge
2. Evaluative Selection in Multimerit Situations
Nicholas Rescher
3. Joseph Agassi from Metaphysics to Politics
Christopher R. Donohue
4. Horror Dogmatis