Haku "communicative reason"

Cheung, Chor-yung - The Quest for Civil Order, e-kirja

The Quest for Civil Order

Cheung, Chor-yung


Examines four notable thinkers in the field of modern social and political theory, with a view to determining how far it is possible to create and maintain a non-coercive but sustainable political order under conditions of diversity in contemporary Western…

Pratt, Scott L. - Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order, e-kirja

Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order

Pratt, Scott L.


Peirce, John Dewey, and Josiah Royce to frame the investigation, subsequent chapters outline the process of inquiry, the concept of communicative action, the nature of validity, categorical reasoning through the theory of the syllogism,

Petrus, Klaus - Meaning and Analysis, e-kirja

Meaning and Analysis

Petrus, Klaus


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Paul Grice, Philosopher of Language, But More Than That
Klaus Petrus
2. Paul Grice and the Philosophy of Ordinary Language
Siobhan Chapman
3. Intuition, the Paradigm Case Argument, and the Two Dogmas of Kant’otelianism
Jay David Atlas
4. Grice on Presupposition