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Floridi, Luciano - Group Privacy, e-kirja

Group Privacy

Floridi, Luciano


Safety in Numbers? Group Privacy and Big Data Analytics in the Developing World
Linnet Taylor
3. Group Privacy in the Age of Big Data
Lanah Kammourieh, Thomas Baar, Jos Berens, Emmanuel Letouzé, Julia Manske, John

Cohen, Andrew I. - Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics, e-kirja

Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics

Cohen, Andrew I.


Now in an updated edition with fresh perspectives on high-profile ethical issues such as torture and same-sex marriage, this collection pairs cogently argued essays by leading philosophers with opposing views on fault-line public concerns.

Hale, Bob - A Companion to the Philosophy of Language, 2 Volume Set, e-kirja

A Companion to the Philosophy of Language, 2 Volume Set

Hale, Bob


“Providing up-to-date, in-depth coverage of the central question, and written and edited by some of the foremost practitioners in the field, this timely new edition will no doubt be a go-to reference for anyone with a serious interest in the philosophy…

Resnik, David B. - The Ethics of Research with Human Subjects, e-kirja

The Ethics of Research with Human Subjects

Resnik, David B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David B. Resnik
2. Historical Background
David B. Resnik
3. Moral Theory
David B. Resnik
4. Trust as a Foundation for Research with Human Subjects
David B. Resnik
5. Informed Consent
David B. Resnik
6. Privacy and Confidentiality
David B. Resnik

Gligorov, Nada - Neuroethics and the Scientific Revision of Common Sense, e-kirja

Neuroethics and the Scientific Revision of Common Sense

Gligorov, Nada


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nada Gligorov
2. Rethinking Commonsense Conceptual Frameworks
Nada Gligorov
3. The Common Notion of Free Will
Nada Gligorov
4. Cognitive Enhancement and Personal Identity
Nada Gligorov
5. The Truth About Memory and Identity
Nada Gligorov
6. Brain Imaging

Clapham, Andrew - Human Rights: A Very Short Introduction, e-kirja

Human Rights: A Very Short Introduction

Clapham, Andrew


What are our human rights? What are their philosophical justifications and historical origins? Focusing on highly topical issues such as torture, arbitrary detention, privacy, and discrimination, this Very Short Introduction will help readers to understand for themselves the controversies

Hansson, Mats G. - The Private Sphere, e-kirja

The Private Sphere

Hansson, Mats G.


Legal Protection – Privacy and Integrity from the Perspective of Jurisprudence and the Law
Mats G. Hansson
7. Integrity as a Quality Worthy of Esteem and Respect
Mats G. Hansson
8. Conclusions and Applications
Mats G. Hansson