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Bernstein, Richard J. - Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question, e-kirja

Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question

Bernstein, Richard J.


In this important book, Richard Bernstein sets out to show that many of the most significant themes in Arendt's thinking have their origins in their confrontation with the Jewish Question. By approaching her mature work from this perspective, we can gain a richer and

Rudavsky, T. M. - Maimonides, e-kirja


Rudavsky, T. M.


A thorough and accessible introduction to Maimonides, arguably one of the most important Jewish philosophers of all time. This work incorporates material from Maimonides’ philosophical, legal, and medical works, providing a synoptic picture of Maimonides’ philosophical range. Maimonides

Benson, Bruce Ellis - Evil, Fallenness, and Finitude, e-kirja

Evil, Fallenness, and Finitude

Benson, Bruce Ellis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bruce Ellis Benson
2. The Concept of Anxiety and Kant
Alison Assiter
3. Are Finite and Infinite Love the Same? Erich Przywara and Jean-Luc Marion on Analogy and Univocity
Robert Duffy
4. The…

Green, Alexander - The Virtue Ethics of Levi Gersonides, e-kirja

The Virtue Ethics of Levi Gersonides

Green, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alexander Green
2. Luck and the Virtues of Physical Preservation
Alexander Green
3. Altruism and the Beneficent Virtues
Alexander Green
4. Justice and the Practical Wisdom of the Individual

Slabodsky, Santiago - Decolonial Judaism, e-kirja

Decolonial Judaism

Slabodsky, Santiago


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Santiago Slabodsky
2. Jewish Thought, Postcolonialism, and Decoloniality: The Geo-Politics of a Barbaric Encounter
Santiago Slabodsky
3. The Narrative of Barbarism: Western Designs for a Globalized North
Santiago Slabodsky
4. Negative Barbarism: Marxist Counter-Narrative