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Semetsky, Inna - Jung and Educational Theory, e-kirja

Jung and Educational Theory

Semetsky, Inna


Jung and Educational Theory offers a new take on Jung’s work, providing original, rich and informative material on his impact on educational research.Explores Jung’s writing from the standpoint of educational philosophy, assessing what it…

Golash, Deirdre - Freedom of Expression in a Diverse World, e-kirja

Freedom of Expression in a Diverse World

Golash, Deirdre


Table of contents
1. Free Speech and the Social Technologies of Democracy, Scientific Inquiry and the Free Market
Richard Barron Parker
2. Hate Speech in the Marketplace of Ideas
Steven P. Lee
3. The “Marketplace of Ideas:” A Siren Song for Freedom of Speech Theorists
Jonathan Schonsheck
4. A Kantian

Carroll, Noël - Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology, e-kirja

Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology

Carroll, Noël


Designed for classroom use, this authoritative anthology presents key selections from the best contemporary work in philosophy of film.
The featured essays have been specially chosen for their clarity, philosophical depth, and consonance with the current move towards cognitive film theory

Blumenau, Ralph - Philosophy and Living, e-kirja

Philosophy and Living

Blumenau, Ralph

Alk. 21,30€

After expounding the ideas of a particular thinker there follows a discussion of the material and how it relates to issues that are still alive today (indented from the margin and set in a different typeface), based on the author's classroom debates with his own students. Another

Aberdein, Andrew - The Argument of Mathematics, e-kirja

The Argument of Mathematics

Aberdein, Andrew


Revealing Structures of Argumentations in Classroom Proving Processes
Christine Knipping, David Reid
9. Checking Proofs
Jesse Alama, Reinhard Kahle
Part III. Mathematics as a Testbed for Argumentation Theory
10. Dividing by Zero—and Other Mathematical