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Planet, Lonely - Lonely Planet Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Lonely Planet Eastern Europe

Planet, Lonely


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Eastern Europe is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Spend lazy days island-hopping along the Adriatic

Parry, Ken - The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity, e-kirja

The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity

Parry, Ken


Covers both Byzantine traditions (such as the Greek, Russian and Georgian churches) and Oriental traditions (such as the Armenian, Coptic and Syrian churches) The volume’s in-depth articles are written by an international team of experts Contributes to our understanding of recent political events

Minkenberg, Michael - The Radical Right in Eastern Europe, e-kirja

The Radical Right in Eastern Europe

Minkenberg, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Minkenberg
2. Concepts: Analyzing the East European Radical Right
Michael Minkenberg
3. Contexts: Legacies and the Transformation Process
Michael Minkenberg
4. Contents: Organizational…

Blacker, Uilleam - Memory and Theory in Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Memory and Theory in Eastern Europe

Blacker, Uilleam


Why Digital Memory Studies Should Not Overlook Eastern Europe’s Memory Wars
Ellen Rutten
12. Memory Wars in Post-Soviet Ukraine (1991–2010)
Andriy Portnov
13. The Struggle for History: The Past as a Limited

McDermott, Kevin - De-Stalinising Eastern Europe, e-kirja

De-Stalinising Eastern Europe

McDermott, Kevin


De-Stalinising Eastern Europe: The Dilemmas of Rehabilitation
Matthew Stibbe, Kevin McDermott
2. Rehabilitation in the Soviet Union, 1953–1964: A Policy Unachieved
Marc Elie
3. De-Stalinisation in Hungary from

Mazierska, Ewa - Popular Music in Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Popular Music in Eastern Europe

Mazierska, Ewa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ewa Mazierska
Part I. State Policies and its Interpretation by Grassroots
2. Propagated, Permitted or Prohibited? State Strategies to Control Musical Entertainment in the First Two Decades of Socialist Hungary
Ádám Ignácz
3. Pop-Rock and Propaganda During the Ceaușescu

Bafoil, François - Central and Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Central and Eastern Europe

Bafoil, François


Table of contents
1. Introduction Modernization, Europeanization, and Path Dependency
François Bafoil
2. The Legacies. Picture of a Political Economy of Soviet-Style Socialism
François Bafoil
Part 1. The Formation of the Central States

Lasinska, Katarzyna - Social Capital in Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Social Capital in Eastern Europe

Lasinska, Katarzyna


Table of contents
1. Exploring social capital in Poland
Katarzyna Lasinska
2. Social capital – conceptual framework and empirical findings
Katarzyna Lasinska
3. Communist legacy and systemic transition
Katarzyna Lasinska