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Geenens, Raf - Does Truth Matter?, e-kirja

Does Truth Matter?

Geenens, Raf


Table of contents
I. The Epistemic Value of Democracy
1. Truth and Public Space: Setting Out Some Signposts
Raf Geenens, Ronald Tinnevelt
2. Epistemic Proceduralism and Democratic Authority
David Estlund
3. Truth and Democracy: Pragmatism…

Louckx, Kaat - Sociology in Belgium, e-kirja

Sociology in Belgium

Louckx, Kaat


Table of contents
1. Sociology in Belgium
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
2. Religion
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
3. Language
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
4. Publications
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
5. Epilogue

Brown, Jarra - 46 Miles, e-kirja

46 Miles

Brown, Jarra


By the end of August 2011 the bells of St Bartholomew’s Church in Wootton Bassett had tolled more times than the residents of this once peaceful town cared to think about, for each chime represented the moment the police convoy accompanying the hearse from RAF Lyneham

Curtis-Lowe, Harriet - Where the Streams Meet, e-kirja

Where the Streams Meet

Curtis-Lowe, Harriet


True story of how the author, a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, met and married an Indian man; and of how exposure to different cultures led her on a spiritual journey from 'party girl' to learning about, and being transformed by, Hinduism in India, and Islam during

Green, John W - Growing up in Lee-on-the-Solent, e-kirja

Growing up in Lee-on-the-Solent

Green, John W


Despite his reputation for being a rebel, John followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the RAF before becoming a ‘Marconi man’ in the merchant navy, sailing to every corner of the world.

Burge, Major C. Gordon - The Annals of 100 Squadron, e-kirja

The Annals of 100 Squadron

Burge, Major C. Gordon


100 Squadron was a pioneer night bombing unit, and was the first to be raised specifically for that purpose by Hugh Trenchard, the 'father of the RAF' who contributes a forwrod to this history, commending the squadron, and its willingness to go out and bomb in all weathers, and the ability

Flaxton, Nigel - Greetings Noble Sir, e-kirja

Greetings Noble Sir

Flaxton, Nigel


He includes nearly two years in the RAF, to which he was frustratingly called up shortly after he qualified and his unprecedented promotion to Sergeant after one year. .Following what he expected was retirement he continued with government initiatives encouraging