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Lindsay, Ivan - The History of Loot and Stolen Art, e-kirja

The History of Loot and Stolen Art

Lindsay, Ivan


The author of this enthralling book aims to present a well-illustrated and documented alternative history of the Western World through graphic accounts of looting and art theft from the time of Sargon, ruler of Syria in 721 BC, to the present day. Almost…

Griffin, Roger - Fascism, e-kirja


Griffin, Roger


The word ‘fascism’ sometimes appears to have become a catch-all term of abuse, applicable to anyone on the political right, from Hitler to Donald Trump and from Putin to Thatcher. While some argue that it lacks any distinctive conceptual meaning at…

Kühl, Stefan - Ordinary Organisations: Why Normal Men Carried Out the Holocaust, e-kirja

Ordinary Organisations: Why Normal Men Carried Out the Holocaust

Kühl, Stefan


During the Holocaust, 99 percent of all Jewish killings were carried out by members of state organizations. In this groundbreaking book, Stefan Kühl offers a new analysis of the integral role that membership in organizations played in facilitating the annihilation of European Jews under the Nazis.
Drawing on the well-researched

English, Ian - Assisted Passage, e-kirja

Assisted Passage

English, Ian


Ian English was a gallant officer of the 8th Battalion, Durham Light Infanry, winning an MC and Bar in the desert war after fighting in France in 1940. He was taken prisoner by the Germans after the battle of Mareth in March 1943. This book recounts his…

Johnson, Peter - A Philosopher and Appeasement, e-kirja

A Philosopher and Appeasement

Johnson, Peter


This book is volume one of a two-part series. Taken together, the two volumes of A Philosopher at War examine the political thought of the philosopher and archaeologist, R.G. Collingwood, against the background of the First and Second World Wars. Collingwood…

Pettitt, Joanne - Perpetrators in Holocaust Narratives, e-kirja

Perpetrators in Holocaust Narratives

Pettitt, Joanne


On the Humanity of Nazis: Establishing (Un-)Commonality with the Reader
2. Nazis in Society
Joanne Pettitt
3. Subverting Connections with the Reader
Joanne Pettitt
4. Drawing the Reader into the Narrative
Joanne Pettitt
Part II. Between the