Haku "eastern europe"

Anka, Mike - White Thirst, e-kirja

White Thirst

Anka, Mike


It is 1979 in Romania, Eastern Europe - a bad year in the heavy-footed, deadly communist era under the dominance of the Soviet Union. Two young men plan and manage to escape from behind the Iron Curtain, reaching an international refugee camp in Italy

Thompson, Roger W - Eye of Athina, e-kirja

Eye of Athina

Thompson, Roger W


The collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989 allowed the evil shadow of Eastern Mafia to spread across Europe, with the Greek islands proving to be a haven of obscurity for Russian and Romanian gangs. To counter the threat to British interests on the islands,

Henty, G. A. - With Wolfe in Canada, e-kirja

With Wolfe in Canada

Henty, G. A.


At its commencement the English occupied a mere patch of land on the eastern seaboard of America, hemmed in on all sides by the French, who occupied not only Canada in the north and Louisiana in the south, but possessed a chain of posts connecting them, so cutting