Haku "money"

Wright, Cavin - Bedtime Anecdotes, e-kirja

Bedtime Anecdotes

Wright, Cavin


Stories to keep you enthralled into the wee hours of the morning… From horror to romance. From heroism to tragedy. From shipwreck to murder. From abduction to seduction. Covering the entire spectrum of human emotions, these tales will stun you.

Scott, Ken - A Million Would Be Nice, e-kirja

A Million Would Be Nice

Scott, Ken


So why was she spilling the beans to a total stranger from London, a stranger who she'd only met that night? She told him all about her past life, the cold-blooded murder of her husband, the phoney bank raid and how the money was still out there somewhere. Donavan

Scott, Ken - Jack of Hearts, e-kirja

Jack of Hearts

Scott, Ken


If he were to steal the bank's money, he'd come up with a better way. But would he survive to spend his ill gotten gains?