Haku "secret"

Adams, D.S. - Yellow Reign, e-kirja

Yellow Reign

Adams, D.S.


When a young woman living an innocent life on a farm in the American Midwest is thrown into a world of genetic hybrids and rabid humans, she is forced to fight for survival in a city destroyed by greed

Scott, Ken - A Million Would Be Nice, e-kirja

A Million Would Be Nice

Scott, Ken


Vicky Mackenzie harboured a secret, a secret that she hadn't disclosed to anyone. So why was she spilling the beans to a total stranger from London, a stranger who she'd only met that night? She told him all about her past life,

Scott, Ken - The Sun Will Still Shine Tomorrow, e-kirja

The Sun Will Still Shine Tomorrow

Scott, Ken


He encounters Claire Macbeth, a stunningly attractive hotel receptionist with a sinister secret, and he discovers an unusually high number of deaths originating from the island in recent years. He feels certain the Island Keepers know more than they are saying. He