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Rogers, Hannah - A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition, e-kirja

A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition

Rogers, Hannah


A series of reflections on subjects to help anyone from novices to experts to learn how to deduce things from your surroundings. The book is a useful reference to learn about the common details that appear in the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes. In this second edition,

Dubey, Christopher James - Assignment Yggdrasil, e-kirja

Assignment Yggdrasil

Dubey, Christopher James


Although they appear human, subjects have been genetically converted from human to transhuman, given immunity to all biological pathogens known to infect humans, as well as special abilities from other species. Only the new species, the transhuman, is predicted to

Andriacco, Dan - The Amateur Executioner, e-kirja

The Amateur Executioner

Andriacco, Dan


Covering the Hangman Murders brings him into contact with a diverse cast of witnesses and interview subjects that include Winston Churchill, William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Alfred Hitchcock, and Ezra Pound. Hale, whose best friend in London is the chain-smoking