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Paulits, John - The Mystery of Charles Dickens, e-kirja

The Mystery of Charles Dickens

Paulits, John


History records that on June 9, 1870, Charles Dickens died of a cerebral haemorrhage. History, however, is wrong. June 9, 1870, is the day on which Emile de la Rue murdered Charles Dickens.

Dickens, Charles - Three Ghost Stories, e-kirja

Three Ghost Stories

Dickens, Charles


Three classic short ghost stories by the master of spooky fiction: Charles Dickens. Includes The Signal-Man, a story about a railway signalman haunted by ghosts that are harbingers of terrible rail crashes. Dickens

Dickens, Charles - The Mystery of Edwin Drood, e-kirja

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Dickens, Charles


This book, Charles Dickens' final novel, was never completed, leaving the reader to wonder at the final fate of the characters. Edwin Drood's uncle, a choirmaster named John Jasper, falls in love with his pupil, who happens to be Drood's fiance, Rosa