Haku "Jewish"

Klinger, Tony - The Butterfly Boy, e-kirja

The Butterfly Boy

Klinger, Tony


" Born in a sleepy German town Arnie rises to become one of Hitler's favourite artistes despite his handicap and his Jewish mother. Arnie risks his like to undertake covert activities for the allies and the Christian resistance movement. Arnie matures into a great

Kuhns, Luke Benjamen - Sherlock Holmes and The Scarlet Thread of Murder, e-kirja

Sherlock Holmes and The Scarlet Thread of Murder

Kuhns, Luke Benjamen


A horrific explosion rips through Whitechapel Underground Station and the prime suspect is a Jewish anarchist. And a Mrs Clara Edwards is searching for her missing lover, Philias Jackson. What connects these three? It’s a dangerous and complex game that links Sherlock