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Klinger, Tony - The Butterfly Boy, e-kirja

The Butterfly Boy

Klinger, Tony


The Butterfly Boy takes the reader on a dramatic, sweeping journey through two World Wars in Germany and races on around the globe throughout that tumultuous century. The Butterfly Boy is the story of Arnie, who as a small boy loses the use of his arms…

Hall, Simon - The Death Pictures, e-kirja

The Death Pictures

Hall, Simon


A dying artist creates a series of ten paintings - The Death Pictures - which contain a mysterious riddle, leading the way to a unique and highly valuable prize. Thousands attempt to solve it. But before the answer can be revealed, the painter is murdered. The detectives

Lawrence, Craig - The Legacy, e-kirja

The Legacy

Lawrence, Craig


Add in a young and very beautiful emerging artist, a sociopath ex-special forces ‘fixer’ and an ambitious Police Commissioner and the stage is set for a dramatic adventure. From the mountains of Nepal and the Tors of Dartmoor to the streets of London and Edinburgh,

Schatell, Glenn - The Lighter Side of Sherlock Holmes, e-kirja

The Lighter Side of Sherlock Holmes

Schatell, Glenn

Alk. 11,10€

Norman Schatell was the leading Sherlock Holmes artist of the 1970s. 'The Lighter Side of Sherlock Holmes' is a collection of over 300 humorous cartoons and illustrations based on the characters that appear in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's' famous stories. Many of the cartoons and drawings originally

Andriacco, Dan - The Amateur Executioner, e-kirja

The Amateur Executioner

Andriacco, Dan


London, 1920: Boston-bred Enoch Hale, working as a reporter for the Central News Syndicate, arrives on the scene shortly after a music hall escape artist is found hanging from the ceiling in his dressing room. What at first appears to be a suicide turns out to be murder . . . the first of