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Jenkins, Jeff - Watching The World, e-kirja

Watching The World

Jenkins, Jeff


The day came when I could stand it no longer! Whenever I arrived anywhere (usually with a burst of “You’re not gonna believe this . . . .”) the people around me knew that they would be in for yet another tale of woe about something that had just…

Bolton, Stephen - Noonaville: The Search for Sanity, e-kirja

Noonaville: The Search for Sanity

Bolton, Stephen


Noonaville is the cartoon sensation from the Sunday Times Style Magazine, each week it transports Style readers to a quirky alternative world somewhere between Twin Peaks, Royston Vasey and Brookside Close. In the book, the weirdness can be relived again and again

Freer, Echo - Mimosa Fortune and the Smuggler's Curse, e-kirja

Mimosa Fortune and the Smuggler's Curse

Freer, Echo


The quirky quest of a psychic time-traveller:Mmimosa Fortune has travelled the world with her clairvoyant mother - and now she's travelling through time! Name the country and Mimosa's lived there - but never for very long! So, when she and her mother arrive in the fishing town of Whitby