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Billett, Stephen - Vocational Education, e-kirja

Vocational Education

Billett, Stephen


Development of Vocational Education Systems and Fields
Stephen Billett
6. Purposes of Vocational Education
Stephen Billett
7. Curriculum and Vocational Education
Stephen Billett
8. The Provision of Vocational

Drummer, Jens - Vocational Teacher Education in Central Asia, e-kirja

Vocational Teacher Education in Central Asia

Drummer, Jens


Laboratory Work in Education of Food Technology Professionals
Maksudakhon Abdullaeva
6. The Theoretical-Practical Cake
FranzFranz Horlacher
7. Potential of the Task-Based Learning for the Sustainable Development of Food Technology
Manuela Niethammer

Catts, Ralph - Vocational Learning, e-kirja

Vocational Learning

Catts, Ralph


Where ‘The TVET System’ Meets the Performativity of Vocational Learning: Borderlands of Innovation and Future Directions
Ian Falk, Kaler Surata
4. Constructing Learners as Members of Networks
Jo Balatti, Stephen Black
5. Competence as Collective