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Adams, Peter K. - Venture Capital For Dummies, e-kirja

Venture Capital For Dummies

Adams, Peter K.

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Getting a business up and running or pushing a brilliant product to the marketplace requires capital. For many entrepreneurs, a lack of start-up capital can be the single biggest roadblock to their dreams of success and fortune.

Carver, Lorenzo - Venture Capital Valuation: Case Studies and Methodology, e-kirja

Venture Capital Valuation: Case Studies and Methodology

Carver, Lorenzo


Imagine selling $2 million "worth" of Google stock and only receiving $50 in return? This scenario happens every day for venture-backed companies. Failure to quickly understand high-growth company valuation can cost trillions of dollars. Yet very few leaders involved in a venture-backed

Thompson, Richard - Real Venture Capital, e-kirja

Real Venture Capital

Thompson, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Rationale
Richard Thompson
2. Background and History of Venture Capital
Richard Thompson
3. Other Forms of Private Equity
Richard Thompson
4. Venture Capital Definitions and Approaches
Richard Thompson
5. Growth Markets and International Expansion

Schertler, Andrea - The Venture Capital Industry in Europe, e-kirja

The Venture Capital Industry in Europe

Schertler, Andrea


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrea Schertler
2. Private Equity Industries around the Globe
Andrea Schertler
3. Fundraising
Andrea Schertler
4. Investing
Andrea Schertler
5. Exiting
Andrea Schertler
6. Cross-Country…