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Boone, Christopher G. - Urbanization and Sustainability, e-kirja

Urbanization and Sustainability

Boone, Christopher G.


Towards a New Framework for Urbanization and Sustainability
Michail Fragkias, Christopher G. Boone
2. What Is a City? An Essential Definition for Sustainability
Peter J. Marcotullio, William Solecki
3. Ecology and Environmental Justice: Understanding

Sridhar, Kala Seetharam - Urbanization in Asia, e-kirja

Urbanization in Asia

Sridhar, Kala Seetharam


Urbanization and Environment
13. Trends of Land-Use Change in India
Geetika Rathee
14. Urban form and Residential Energy Use in Bandung Indonesia
Sigit D. Arifwidodo
15. Urbanization and the Environment: An Asian Perspective
Guanghua Wan, Matthew

Fang, Chuanglin - China’s New Urbanization, e-kirja

China’s New Urbanization

Fang, Chuanglin


China’s New Urbanization and Development Bottlenecks
Chuanglin Fang, Danlin Yu
2. The Developmental Strategies and Basic Principles for China’s New Urbanization
Chuanglin Fang, Danlin Yu
3. Basic Modes for China’s New Urbanization

Millington, Gareth - Urbanization and the Migrant in British Cinema, e-kirja

Urbanization and the Migrant in British Cinema

Millington, Gareth


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Cinema and Urban Society
Gareth Millington
2. Cinema, Cities and Urbanization
Gareth Millington
3. Urbanization and Migration: From City to Camp?
Gareth Millington
4. Dissolving City
Gareth Millington
5. Horizontal Distributions
Gareth Millington

Ankinapalli, Pavan - India’s Reluctant Urbanization, e-kirja

India’s Reluctant Urbanization

Ankinapalli, Pavan


India’s Reluctant Urbanization: Setting the Stage
Piyush Tiwari, Ranesh Nair, Pavan Ankinapalli, Jyoti Rao, Pritika Hingorani, Manisha Gulati
2. Drivers of Emerging Urban Landscape
Piyush Tiwari, Ranesh Nair, Pavan Ankinapalli, Jyoti Rao, Pritika Hingorani,

Lacey, Anita - Women, Urbanization and Sustainability, e-kirja

Women, Urbanization and Sustainability

Lacey, Anita


Disabled Women, Urbanization and Sustainable Development in Africa
Tsitsi Chataika
9. Fragile Cities and Gender Based Violence: The Case of Rio de Janeiro
Renata A. Giannini, Peter McNamee, Giovanna B. Miranda
10. Gender Justice and the Politics of

Ye, Lin - Urbanization and Urban Governance in China, e-kirja

Urbanization and Urban Governance in China

Ye, Lin


Introduction: A New Path of Urbanization and Urban Governance in China
Lin Ye
Part I. Regional Outlook and Urban Transformation
2. The Changing Industrial Transformation in the Pearl River Delta: Issues, Challenges, and Intergovernmental Coordination

Mukherjee, Jenia - Sustainable Urbanization in India, e-kirja

Sustainable Urbanization in India

Mukherjee, Jenia


Table of contents
1. Indian Urban Trajectories: Addressing ‘Sustainability’ across Micro-political Settings
Jenia Mukherjee
2. Towards Sustainable Cities in India
Annapurna Shaw
Part I. Governing Investments and Infrastructures