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Hope, Anthony - The Prisoner of Zenda, e-kirja

The Prisoner of Zenda

Hope, Anthony


Anthony Hope's classic novel established the new genre of 'Ruritanian Romance', romantic tales set in the upper classes, aristocracy and royalty of a fictional country. In the fictional country of Ruritania, the new king is abducted on the eve of his

Biressi, Anita - Class and Contemporary British Culture, e-kirja

Class and Contemporary British Culture

Biressi, Anita


Essex: Class, Aspiration and Social Mobility
Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn
3. The Revolting Underclass: ‘You Know Them When You See Them’
Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn
4. Top of the Class: Education, Capital and

Scott, John - Who Rules Britain?, e-kirja

Who Rules Britain?

Scott, John


The lifestyle, economic basis and political affiliations of the British upper class are the focus of this exciting new textbook. Combining a review of existing sociological theory on class and capitalism with material

Kase, Elleyne - Pre-Calculus For Dummies, e-kirja

Pre-Calculus For Dummies

Kase, Elleyne


Often, completion of such a course is a prerequisite for calculus and other upper level mathematics courses.
Pre-Calculus For Dummies is an invaluable resource for students enrolled in pre-calculus courses. By presenting the essential topics in a clear and concise

Henry, Matthew A. - <Emphasis Type="Italic">The Simpsons</Emphasis>, Satire, and American Culture, e-kirja

The Simpsons, Satire, and American Culture

Henry, Matthew A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Simpsons, Satire, and American Culture
Matthew A. Henry
2. “Entertain and Subvert”: Fox Television, Satirical Comedy, and The Simpsons
Matthew A. Henry
3. “You’re an American Now”: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality on The Simpsons
Matthew A. Henry