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Lawes, Alexander - Ring of Stones, e-kirja

Ring of Stones

Lawes, Alexander


“Do you trust me?” When Anna’s dirt bike pulled up alongside late one summer’s evening, Harry grasped the opportunity to escape the city and his troubles, but he never imagined the mysterious girl would lead him across the galaxy to another world. Transported…

Lasbury, Mark E. - The Realization of Star Trek Technologies, e-kirja

The Realization of Star Trek Technologies

Lasbury, Mark E.


Table of contents
1. Phasers Weapons of Less Destruction
Mark E. Lasbury
2. Cloaking Devices: Vanishing Into Thin Space
Mark E. Lasbury
3. The Replicator: Maybe You Can Have Everything
Mark E. Lasbury
4. Deflector Shields: The Best Offense Is a Good Defense
Mark E. Lasbury
5. The Tractor Beam:

Poirier, Bill - A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics, e-kirja

A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics

Poirier, Bill


Distinctive features include: Terminology and Notation Key:  A universal translator that addresses the myriad of conventions, terminologies, and notations found across the major thermodynamics texts. Content Maps:  Specific

Woods, Dan - SAPNetWeaverFor Dummies, e-kirja

SAPNetWeaverFor Dummies

Woods, Dan


To grasp the complexities and possibilities of SAP ASAP, dig in with SAP NetWeaver For Dummies and explore: MySAP Business Suite SAP Enterprise Planning Resource (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),

Seckbach, Joseph - Genesis - In The Beginning, e-kirja

Genesis - In The Beginning

Seckbach, Joseph


Oceanic Arginine Translator: The Origin of Life and Early Evolution of the Genetic Code
Robert W. Griffith
34. Tidal Cycling and the Origin of the Genetic Code: Implications for Cellular Life
Richard Lathe
35. Heterotrophic Model Protocells