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Tracy, John A. - Cash Flow For Dummies, e-kirja

Cash Flow For Dummies

Tracy, John A.

Alk. 22,00€

The fast and easy way to grasp cash flow management
Cash Flow For Dummies offers small business owners, accountants, prospective entrepreneurs, and others responsible for cash management an informational manual to cash

Smith, Darren - Cash CDO Modelling in Excel: A Step by Step Approach, e-kirja

Cash CDO Modelling in Excel: A Step by Step Approach

Smith, Darren


This book is an introduction to the modelling of cash collateralised debt obligations (“CDOs”).  It is intended that the reader have a basic understanding of CDOs and a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel.  There will be written explanations

Dubil, Robert - An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets, e-kirja

An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets

Dubil, Robert


The book shuns stochastic calculus in favor of cash flow details of arbitrage trades. All math is simple, but there is lots of it. The book reflects the relative value mentality of an institutional trader seeking profit from misalignments

Tillery, Susan M. - Essentials of Personal Financial Planning, e-kirja

Essentials of Personal Financial Planning

Tillery, Susan M.


The book then builds on these foundational concepts, showing their interconnectivity and professional opportunities, to provide a deeper understanding of PFP and its application. After reading this book, students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained