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Dasgupta, Amitava - Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics, e-kirja

Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics

Dasgupta, Amitava


Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics provides an introduction to the principles of pharmacogenomics before addressing the pharmacogenomic aspects of key therapeutic areas such as warfarin therapy, cancer chemotherapy, therapy with immunosuppressants, antiretroviral

Shah, Khalid - Stem Cell Therapeutics for Cancer, e-kirja

Stem Cell Therapeutics for Cancer

Shah, Khalid


Stem Cell Therapeutics for Cancer covers the application of stem cells in various cancers, with an emphasis on the aspects of these strategies that are critical to the success of future stem cell-based therapies for cancer. Topics covered in the book include stem cell sources, tumor

Greenwell, Pamela - Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine, e-kirja

Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine

Greenwell, Pamela


Molecular therapeutics refers to the developments in molecular biology that are focused on treating disease with new molecular-based drugs.
By taking advantage of recent advances and increased understanding in the field of human genetics, this book provides essential background

Kimchi-Sarfaty, Chava - Protein Therapeutics, e-kirja

Protein Therapeutics

Kimchi-Sarfaty, Chava


Production of Protein Therapeutics in the Quality by Design (QbD) Paradigm
Anurag S. Rathore, Sumit K. Singh
3. Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins
E. B. Struble, N. Kirschbaum, J. Liu, E. Marszal, M. Shapiro
4. Immunogenicity Lessons Learned from

Ebenezer, Ivor - Neuropsychopharmacology and Therapeutics, e-kirja

Neuropsychopharmacology and Therapeutics

Ebenezer, Ivor


Neuropsychopharmacology is a relatively new subject area in the neurosciences. It is a field of study that describes the effects of drugs from the molecular to the behavioural level and requires integration and synthesis of knowledge from various disciplines including neuroanatomy, physiology, molecular biology, pharmacology

Missailidis, Sotiris - Anticancer Therapeutics, e-kirja

Anticancer Therapeutics

Missailidis, Sotiris


" Anticancer Research, November - December 2008
This book provides a clear introduction to the area, with an overview of the various drug design and development approaches for cancer therapeutics and their progress in today’s multidisciplinary approach

Lambris, John D. - Complement Therapeutics, e-kirja

Complement Therapeutics

Lambris, John D.


Complement-Targeted Therapeutics in Periodontitis
George Hajishengallis, John D. Lambris
14. Complement System Activation in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Pathology: Friend or Foe?
Maro Syriga, Manolis Mavroidis
15. Innate Immunity as Orchestrator of

Mechoulam, Raphael - Cannabinoids as Therapeutics, e-kirja

Cannabinoids as Therapeutics

Mechoulam, Raphael


Table of contents
1. Cannabis in India: ancient lore and modern medicine
Ethan Russo
2. Cannabinoid chemistry: an overview
Lumír O. Hanuš, Raphael Mechoulam
3. Cannabidiol as a potential medicine
Roger G. Pertwee
4. Endocannabinoids…

Garner, Amanda L. - RNA Therapeutics, e-kirja

RNA Therapeutics

Garner, Amanda L.


Table of contents
1. Computational Tools for Design of Selective Small Molecules Targeting RNA: From Small Molecule Microarrays to Chemical Similarity Searching
Matthew G. Costales, Jessica L. Childs-Disney, Matthew D. Disney
2. A Modular Approach…