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Hussain, Amir - Electronics, Communications and Networks V, e-kirja

Electronics, Communications and Networks V

Hussain, Amir


A Real-Time 106 Mbit/S Visible Light Communication System Design Using General Lighting LED with Analog Pre-emphasis
Xiu-Qin Yang, Min Zhang, Da-Hai Han, Peng-Fei Luo, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Qing-Yuan Huo
8. GNSS Receiver Anti-spoofing Techniques: A Review and

Kurzynski, Marek - Computer Recognition Systems 2, e-kirja

Computer Recognition Systems 2

Kurzynski, Marek


The Architecture of the Face and Eyes Detection System Based on Cascade Classifiers
Andrzej Kasinski, Adam Schmidt
17. Morphological Edge Detection Algorithm and Its Hardware Implementation
Marek Kraft, Andrzej Kasinski
18. Numerical Complexity Reduction