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Pumain, Denise - Urban Dynamics and Simulation Models, e-kirja

Urban Dynamics and Simulation Models

Pumain, Denise


An Incremental Multi-Modelling Method to Simulate Systems of Cities’ Evolution
Denise Pumain, Romain Reuillon
5. Using Models to Explore Possible Futures (Contingency and Complexity)
Guillaume Chérel, Clémentine Cottineau, Romain Reuillon
6. An

Kunc, Martin - System Dynamics, e-kirja

System Dynamics

Kunc, Martin


Applications of System Dynamics in Management
2. Resetting the Clock: A Feedback Approach to the Dynamics of Organisational Inertia, Survival and Change
E. R. Larsen, A. Lomi

Arioui, Hichem - Driving Simulation, e-kirja

Driving Simulation

Arioui, Hichem


Passive and active safety systems (ABS, ESP, safety belts, airbags, etc.) represent a major advance in terms of safety in motoring. They are increasingly developed and installed in cars and are beginning to appear in twowheelers. It is clear that these systems have proven