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Kunc, Martin - System Dynamics, e-kirja

System Dynamics

Kunc, Martin


Applications of System Dynamics in Management
2. Resetting the Clock: A Feedback Approach to the Dynamics of Organisational Inertia, Survival and Change
E. R. Larsen, A. Lomi

Aynalem, Shimelis - Social and Ecological System Dynamics, e-kirja

Social and Ecological System Dynamics

Aynalem, Shimelis


Socioeconomic System Characteristics and Land Use
18. Demographic Characteristics of the Lake Tana Basin
Mesfin Anteneh
19. Gender and Rural Livelihood in the Lake Tana Basin
Sewmehon Demissie, Azanaw Abebe
20. Examining the Characteristics of Stakeholders

Meywerk, Martin - Vehicle Dynamics, e-kirja

Vehicle Dynamics

Meywerk, Martin


Comprehensively covers the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics with application to automotive mechatronics Presents a number of different design, analysis and implementation considerations related to automobiles, including power requirements, converters, performance, fuel consumption and vehicle

Saint-Paul, Ulrich - Mangrove Dynamics and Management in North Brazil, e-kirja

Mangrove Dynamics and Management in North Brazil

Saint-Paul, Ulrich


Comparative Population Dynamics and Life Histories of North Brazilian Mangrove Crabs, Genera Uca and Ucides (Ocypodoidea)
K. Diele, V. Koch
19. Artisanal Fishery of the Mangrove Crab Ucides cordatus (Ucididae) and First Steps Toward a Successful Co-Management

Barile, Sergio - Social Dynamics in a Systems Perspective, e-kirja

Social Dynamics in a Systems Perspective

Barile, Sergio


Complexity and Sustainability in Management: Insights from a Systems Perspective
Sergio Barile, Marialuisa Saviano
4. Innovation Policies: Strategy of Growth in a Complex Perspective
Bruna Bruno, Marisa Faggini, Anna Parziale
5. Value-Driven Conceptualization