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Kunc, Martin - System Dynamics, e-kirja

System Dynamics

Kunc, Martin


Applications of System Dynamics in Management
2. Resetting the Clock: A Feedback Approach to the Dynamics of Organisational Inertia, Survival and Change
E. R. Larsen, A. Lomi

Afraimovich, Valentin - Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity, e-kirja

Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity

Afraimovich, Valentin


Table of contents
1. From Long-Range Order to Complex Networks, an Hamiltonian Dynamics Perspective
Sarah Nigris, Xavier Leoncini
2. Lyapunov Exponent Sign Reversal: Stability and Instability by the First Approximation
G. A. Leonov, N. V. Kuznetsov
3. Fractional Maps as Maps with Power-Law Memory

Oppenheim, Antoni K. - Dynamics of Combustion Systems, e-kirja

Dynamics of Combustion Systems

Oppenheim, Antoni K.


Table of contents
Part 1. Exothermicity
1. Thermodynamic Aspects
2. Evolutionary Aspects
3. Heat Transfer Aspects
4. Chemical Kinetic Aspects
Part 2. Field
5. Aerodynamic Aspects
6. Random Vortex Method
7. Gasdynamic Aspects

Bokil, Hemant - Observed Brain Dynamics, e-kirja

Observed Brain Dynamics

Bokil, Hemant


Why study the dynamics of the brain? Although there are many compelling reasons, perhaps the most profound is that the dynamical pattern of electrical activity in neurons almost certainly forms the basic substrate of subjective, conscious awareness, as illustrated vividly by the phenomenon

Hirsch, Michael J. - Dynamics of Information Systems, e-kirja

Dynamics of Information Systems

Hirsch, Michael J.


The Role of Dynamics in Extracting Information Sparsely Encoded in High Dimensional Data Streams
Mario Sznaier, Octavia Camps, Necmiye Ozay, Tao Ding, Gilead Tadmor, Dana Brooks
2. Information Trajectory of Optimal Learning
Roman V. Belavkin
3. Performance-Information