Haku "subservient"

 - Kingdom of Slaves, e-kirja

Kingdom of Slaves


‘Domain’... is it a religious cult, a secret organisation or something more sinister? Whatever... when reporter Kim gets a chance to infiltrate, she goes for it! Unfortunately reality proves to be way beyond anything she could have imagined. On her…

Saxon, David - Train My Wife, e-kirja

Train My Wife

Saxon, David


  Once found, he arranges for the husband to send the wayward female to ‘The Academy’, as he calls his exclusive home, where he begins immediately to change their attitude, to turn them into subservient sexual wives. Step by step the layers of arrogance and conceit

Collins, Harry - Why Democracies Need Science, e-kirja

Why Democracies Need Science

Collins, Harry


The solution is usually seen as more public scrutiny and more control by democratic institutions ? experts must be subservient to social and political life.
In this book, Harry Collins and Robert Evans take a radically different view. They argue that, rather than

Sanger, Tam - Mapping Intimacies, e-kirja

Mapping Intimacies

Sanger, Tam


‘She Expected Her Women to be Pretty, Subservient, Dinner on the Table at Six’: Problematising the Narrative of Egalitarianism in Lesbian Relationships through Accounts of Woman-to-Woman Partner Abuse
Rebecca Barnes
9. Blue Rinse Blues? Older Lesbians’