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Cao, Xi-Ren - Stochastic Learning and Optimization, e-kirja

Stochastic Learning and Optimization

Cao, Xi-Ren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xi-Ren Cao
2. Perturbation Analysis
Xi-Ren Cao
3. Learning and Optimization with Perturbation Analysis
Xi-Ren Cao
4. Markov Decision Processes
Xi-Ren Cao
5. Sample-Path-Based Policy Iteration
Xi-Ren Cao
6. Reinforcement Learning
Xi-Ren Cao

Ripley, Brian D. - Stochastic Simulation, e-kirja

Stochastic Simulation

Ripley, Brian D.


reading this book was an enjoyable learning experience. The suggestions and recommendations on the methods [make] this book an excellent reference for anyone interested in simulation. With its compact structure and good coverage of material, it [is] an excellent textbook

Batanero, Carmen - Teaching and Learning Stochastics, e-kirja

Teaching and Learning Stochastics

Batanero, Carmen


Students’ Reflections About a Course for Learning Inferential Reasoning Via Simulations
Susanne Podworny
20. Prospective Teachers’ Probabilistic Reasoning in the Context of Sampling
Emilse Gómez-Torres, Carmen Díaz, José Miguel Contreras, Juan Jesús

Powell, Warren B. - Optimal Learning, e-kirja

Optimal Learning

Powell, Warren B.

Alk. 101,65€

Optimal Learning develops the needed principles for gathering information to make decisions, especially when collecting information is time-consuming and expensive. Designed for readers with an elementary background in probability and statistics, the book presents

Ahn, Hyo-Sung - Iterative Learning Control, e-kirja

Iterative Learning Control

Ahn, Hyo-Sung


Iterative Learning Control Overview
1. Introduction
2. An Overview of the ILC Literature
3. The Super-vector Approach
Part II. Robust Interval Iterative Learning Control
4. Robust Interval Iterative Learning Control:

Ketkar, Nikhil - Deep Learning with Python, e-kirja

Deep Learning with Python

Ketkar, Nikhil


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Deep Learning
Nikhil Ketkar
2. Machine Learning Fundamentals
Nikhil Ketkar
3. Feed Forward Neural Networks
Nikhil Ketkar
4. Introduction to Theano
Nikhil Ketkar
5. Convolutional Neural Networks
Nikhil Ketkar
6. Recurrent Neural Networks

Falmagne, Jean-Claude - Learning Spaces, e-kirja

Learning Spaces

Falmagne, Jean-Claude


Table of contents
1. Overview and Basic Mathematical Concepts
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
2. Knowledge Structures and Learning Spaces
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
3. Knowledge Spaces
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon
4. Well-Graded Knowledge Structures