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Drijvers, Paul - Secondary Algebra Education, e-kirja

Secondary Algebra Education

Drijvers, Paul


Algebra Education: Exploring Topics and Themes
Paul Drijvers, Aad Goddijn, Martin Kindt
2. Algebra from Ahmes to Applet
Aad Goddijn
3. From Arithmetic to Algebra
Truus Dekker, Maarten Dolk
4. Patterns and Formulas
Paul Drijvers, Truus Dekker,

Jorgensen, Robyn - STEM Education in the Junior Secondary, e-kirja

STEM Education in the Junior Secondary

Jorgensen, Robyn


Digital Technologies and Junior Secondary: Learning with and About Digital Technologies
Glenn Finger
11. STEM Education in the Brazilian Context: An Ethnomathematical Perspective
Milton Rosa, Daniel Clark Orey

Austin-Li, Stacy - Post-Secondary Education and Technology, e-kirja

Post-Secondary Education and Technology

Austin-Li, Stacy


Introduction: Education, ICT, and International Development
1. Introduction
Rebecca Clothey, Stacy Austin-Li, John C. Weidman
Part I. Policy Debates
2. ICT in Education Policies and National Development

Hughes, Phillip - Secondary Education at the Crossroads, e-kirja

Secondary Education at the Crossroads

Hughes, Phillip


Table of contents
1. What Can We Learn from Educational Reform?
Phillip Hughes
2. International Baccalaureate Programmes and Educational Reform
Ian Hill
3. Education Reforms in England and Wales
Denis Lawton
4. A Global Endeavour: Education for All
Malcolm Skilbeck
5. What We've Learned in