Haku "science fiction"

Allan, Kathryn - Disability in Science Fiction, e-kirja

Disability in Science Fiction

Allan, Kathryn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kathryn Allan
2. Tools to Help You Think
Joanne Woiak, Hioni Karamanos
3. Freaks and Extraordinary Bodies
Ria Cheyne
4. The Many Voices of Charlie Gordon
Howard Sklar
5. The Metamorphic Body in Science Fiction
António Fernando Cascais
6. Prosthetic

May, Andrew - Pseudoscience and Science Fiction, e-kirja

Pseudoscience and Science Fiction

May, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Charles Fort and the Forteans
Andrew May
2. Anomalous Phenomena
Andrew May
3. High-Tech Paranoia
Andrew May
4. Flying Saucers
Andrew May
5. Mind Power
Andrew May
6. Space Drives and Anti-gravity

Booker, M. Keith - The Science Fiction Handbook, e-kirja

The Science Fiction Handbook

Booker, M. Keith


The Science Fiction Handbook offers a comprehensive and accessible survey of one of the literary world's most fascinating genres. Includes separate historical surveys of key subgenres including time-travel narratives, post-apocalyptic and post-disaster

Thomas, P. L. - Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction, e-kirja

Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction

Thomas, P. L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
P. L. Thomas
2. A Case for SF and Speculative Fiction
P. L. Thomas
3. SF and Speculative Novels
Michael Svec, Mike Winiski
4. SF Novels and Sociological Experimentation
Aaron Passell

Sawyer, Andy - Teaching Science Fiction, e-kirja

Teaching Science Fiction

Sawyer, Andy


Theorizing Science Fiction: The Question of Terminology
Gary K. Wolfe
4. Utopia, Anti-Utopia and Science Fiction
Chris Ferns
5. Teaching the Scientific Romance
Adam Roberts
6. Teaching Pulp Science Fiction

Brown, J. Andrew - Latin American Science Fiction, e-kirja

Latin American Science Fiction

Brown, J. Andrew


Islands in the Slipstream: Diasporic Allegories in Cuban Science Fiction since the Special Period
Emily A. Maguire
3. Time Travel and History in Carmen Boullosa’s 1991 Llanto, novelas imposibles
Claire Taylor

Pagan, Nicholas O. - Theory of Mind and Science Fiction, e-kirja

Theory of Mind and Science Fiction

Pagan, Nicholas O.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Literature and the Emergence of Theory of Mind
Nicholas O. Pagan
2. Science Fiction and Other Minds
Nicholas O. Pagan
3. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus: Correcting Faulty Mind-reading
Nicholas O. Pagan
4. Stapledon’s Star Maker: Cosmic