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Quintero, Ruben - A Companion to Satire: Ancient and Modern, e-kirja

A Companion to Satire: Ancient and Modern

Quintero, Ruben


This collection of twenty-nine original essays, surveys satire from its emergence in Western literature to the present.
Tracks satire from its first appearances in the prophetic books of the Old Testament through the Renaissance and the English tradition

Hooley, Daniel - Roman Satire, e-kirja

Roman Satire

Hooley, Daniel


This compact and critically up-to-date introduction to Roman satire examines the development of the genre, focusing particularly on the literary and social functionality of satire. It considers why it was important to the Romans and why it still matters.

Davis, Jessica Milner - Satire and Politics, e-kirja

Satire and Politics

Davis, Jessica Milner


The Populist Elements of Australian Political Satire and the Debt to the Americans and the Augustans
Mark Rolfe
3. Under the Guise of Humour and Critique: The Political Co-Option of Popular Contemporary Satire
Rebecca Higgie
4. The Politics of Deadpan

Nilsson, Johan - American Film Satire in the 1990s, e-kirja

American Film Satire in the 1990s

Nilsson, Johan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johan Nilsson
2. The 1990s
Johan Nilsson
3. Satire and Politics
Johan Nilsson
4. Satire and the Media
Johan Nilsson
5. Satire and History
Johan Nilsson
6. American Film Satire
Johan Nilsson

Maisel, Remy M. - Is Satire Saving Our Nation?, e-kirja

Is Satire Saving Our Nation?

Maisel, Remy M.


Some of the News That’s Fit to Print: Satire and the Changing News Cycle
Sophia A. McClennen, Remy M. Maisel
4. The Dynamic Duo: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Redefine Political Satire
Sophia A. McClennen, Remy M. Maisel
5. When I Mock You, I Make

, Denis Diderot - Rameau's Nephew and First Satire, e-kirja

Rameau's Nephew and First Satire

, Denis Diderot


A key work of the French Enlightenment, in this sparkling new translation it is paired with Diderot's First Satire, providing context for Rameau's Nephew, the 'second satire'. - ;'unless you know everything, you really know nothing' Diderot's

Kivistö, Sari - Medical Analogy in Latin Satire, e-kirja

Medical Analogy in Latin Satire

Kivistö, Sari


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Medicine for the Sick Soul
Sari Kivistö
2. Medical Meta-language: Renaissance Commentaries and Poetics on the Healing Nature of Satire
Sari Kivistö
3. Painfully Happy: Satirical Disease Eulogies and the Good Life
Sari Kivistö
4. Wonderfully Unaware: Sensory Disabilities,

Keane, Catherine - Figuring Genre in Roman Satire, e-kirja

Figuring Genre in Roman Satire

Keane, Catherine


" Satire's reputation as the quintessential Roman genre is thus even more justified than previously recognized. As literary artists and social commentators, the satirists rival the grandest authors of the classical canon. They teach their ancient and modern readers