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Kapur, Kailash C. - Reliability Engineering, e-kirja

Reliability Engineering

Kapur, Kailash C.

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An Integrated Approach to Product Development
Reliability Engineering presents an integrated approach to the design, engineering, and management of reliability activities throughout the life cycle of a product, including concept, research and development,

Lisnianski, Anatoly - Recent Advances in System Reliability, e-kirja

Recent Advances in System Reliability

Lisnianski, Anatoly


Using D-Spectra in Network Monte Carlo: Estimation of System Reliability and Component Importance
Ilya B. Gertsbakh, Yoseph Shpungin
3. Signatures and Symmetry Properties of Coherent Systems
Fabio Spizzichino, Jorge Navarro
4. Multidimensional Spectra

Bansal, Kamal - Advances in Health and Environment Safety, e-kirja

Advances in Health and Environment Safety

Bansal, Kamal


A Review of CSR Activities Under Companies Act 2013 and Enterprise Social Commitment Under Environment Clearance for Major Cement Industries in India
Shraddha Mishra, N. A. Siddiqui
17. Multivariate Analysis of Heavy Metals in Topsoil: An Impact of Thermal