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Maher, Mary Lou - Motivated Reinforcement Learning, e-kirja

Motivated Reinforcement Learning

Maher, Mary Lou


Motivated Reinforcement Learning Agents
Kathryn Merrick, Mary Lou Mahe
8. Curious Characters for Multiuser Games
Kathryn Merrick, Mary Lou Mahe
9. Curious Characters for Games in Complex, Dynamic Environments

Achey, Phillip - 11th Hour: Introduction to Microbiology, e-kirja

11th Hour: Introduction to Microbiology

Achey, Phillip


The organisation of these books will involve students actively in the learning process and reinforcement of concepts. At the end of each chapter there will be a test including multiple choice questions, true/false questions and short answer questions, every

Lewis, Frank L. - Optimal Control, e-kirja

Optimal Control

Lewis, Frank L.

Alk. 155,20€

Major topics covered include:
Static Optimization
Optimal Control of Discrete-Time Systems
Optimal Control of Continuous-Time Systems
The Tracking Problem and Other LQR Extensions
Final-Time-Free and Constrained Input Control
Dynamic Programming
Optimal Control for Polynomial Systems

Cao, Xi-Ren - Stochastic Learning and Optimization, e-kirja

Stochastic Learning and Optimization

Cao, Xi-Ren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xi-Ren Cao
2. Perturbation Analysis
Xi-Ren Cao
3. Learning and Optimization with Perturbation Analysis
Xi-Ren Cao
4. Markov Decision Processes
Xi-Ren Cao
5. Sample-Path-Based Policy Iteration
Xi-Ren Cao
6. Reinforcement Learning
Xi-Ren Cao