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Anderson, Myrdene - Consensus on Peirce’s Concept of Habit, e-kirja

Consensus on Peirce’s Concept of Habit

Anderson, Myrdene


Table of contents
1. Preamble—Peircean Habit Explored: Before, During, After; and Beneath, Behind, Beyond
Myrdene Anderson
Part I. Background: Eco-logical Systems
2. On Habit: Peirce’s Story and History
Dinda L. Gorlée
3. Habits,…

Cheung, Chor-yung - The Quest for Civil Order, e-kirja

The Quest for Civil Order

Cheung, Chor-yung


Examines four notable thinkers in the field of modern social and political theory, with a view to determining how far it is possible to create and maintain a non-coercive but sustainable political order under conditions of diversity in contemporary Western…

Sørensen, Eva - Theories of Democratic Network Governance, e-kirja

Theories of Democratic Network Governance

Sørensen, Eva


Mechanisms of Governance Network Formation — a Contextual Rational Choice Perspective
Nils Hertting
4. Virtuous and Viscous Circles in Democratic Network Governance
B. Guy Peters
5. Decentred Theory, Change and Network Governance
Mark Bevir,

Regt, Henk W. de - EPSA Philosophy of Science: Amsterdam 2009, e-kirja

EPSA Philosophy of Science: Amsterdam 2009

Regt, Henk W. de


Table of contents
1. Modeling Strategies for Measuring Phenomena In- and Outside the Laboratory
Marcel Boumans
2. Mating Intelligence, Moral Virtues, and Methodological Vices
Tomislav Bracanovic
3. Rejected Posits, Realism, and the History of Science
Alberto Cordero
4. Explanation and Modelization

Young, Michael J. - Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling, e-kirja

Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling

Young, Michael J.


Cultural Consensus Theory: Aggregating Expert Judgments about Ties in a Social Network
William H. Batchelder
7. Dynamic Networks: Rapid Assessment of Changing Scenarios
Nadya Belov, Michael K. Martin, Jeff Patti, Jeff Reminga, Angela Pawlowski, Kathleen

Duncan, W. Jack - The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, e-kirja

The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations

Duncan, W. Jack


This structured approach to strategic management examines the processes of strategic thinking, consensus building and documentation of that thinking into a strategic plan, and creating and maintaining strategic momentum – all essential for coping with the rapidly

Decker, Reinhold - Advances in Data Analysis, e-kirja

Advances in Data Analysis

Decker, Reinhold


Deriving Consensus Rankings from Benchmarking Experiments
Kurt Hornik, David Meyer
20. Classification of Contradiction Patterns
Heiko Müller, Ulf Leser, Johann-Christoph Freytag
21. Selecting SVM Kernels and Input Variable Subsets in Credit Scoring

Zhou, Jie - Complex Sciences, e-kirja

Complex Sciences

Zhou, Jie


Average Consensus in Delayed Networks of Dynamic Agents with Impulsive Effects
Quanjun Wu, Lan Xiang, Jin Zhou
113. Basic Notions and Models in Systems Science
Janos Korn
114. Bifurcation Phenomena of Opinion Dynamics in Complex Networks
Long Guo,

Blondelle, Sylvie E. - Understanding Biology Using Peptides, e-kirja

Understanding Biology Using Peptides

Blondelle, Sylvie E.


From Simple Consensus Peptides to High Affinity Ligands: A Stepwise Diversity Oriented Strategy for the Acquisition of Potent Signaling Inhibitors
David S. Lawrence
132. Cyclic Modular ß-Sheets
James S. Nowick, Justin O. Brower, Omid Khakshoor, Wade A.