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Stefan, Wagner - Software Product Quality Control, e-kirja

Software Product Quality Control

Stefan, Wagner


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stefan Wagner
2. Quality Models
Stefan Wagner
3. Quality Planning
Stefan Wagner
4. Quality Control
Stefan Wagner
5. Practical Experiences
Stefan Wagner
6. Summary
Stefan Wagner

Kirk, Brian Robinson - Active System Control, e-kirja

Active System Control

Kirk, Brian Robinson


Active System Control and Safety Approach, and Regulation in Other Application Domains
Igor Schagaev, Brian Robinson Kirk
3. Aircraft Flight Reliability and the Safety Landscape of Aircraft Use
Igor Schagaev, Brian

Gumzej, Roman - Real-time Systems' Quality of Service, e-kirja

Real-time Systems' Quality of Service

Gumzej, Roman


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Performance Metrics for Real-time Systems
3. QoS Criteria for Real-time Systems
4. QoS-oriented Design and Evaluation of Real-time Systems
5. QoS Decision Flowchart for Real-time Systems
6. Design of Real-time Systems for QoS
7. Design in UML Oriented at QoS
8. Certification

Feyel, Philippe - Robust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics, e-kirja

Robust Control Optimization with Metaheuristics

Feyel, Philippe


In the automotive industry, a Control Engineer must design a unique control law that is then tested and validated on a single prototype with a level of reliability high enough to to meet a number of complex specifications on various systems.