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Blythe, Andrew - Essential Primary Care, e-kirja

Essential Primary Care

Blythe, Andrew


Essential Primary Care aims to provide undergraduate students with a comprehensive overview of the clinical problems encountered in primary care. It covers the structure of primary care in the UK, disease prevention

Clarke, Barbara - Tasks in Primary Mathematics Teacher Education, e-kirja

Tasks in Primary Mathematics Teacher Education

Clarke, Barbara


Tasks for Primary Student Teachers: A Task of Mathematics Teacher Educators
Victoria Sánchez, Mercedes García
5. The Mathematics Teaching Portfolio: A Reflective Tool for Developing Professional Growth and Improving Classroom Practices
Rose Spanneberg

Fitzgerald, Angela - Science in Primary Schools, e-kirja

Science in Primary Schools

Fitzgerald, Angela


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Angela Fitzgerald
2. Methodological Approach and Design
Angela Fitzgerald
3. Introducing Deanne and Lisa
Angela Fitzgerald
4. Teaching for Student Engagement in Science
Angela Fitzgerald

Reamy, Brian V. - Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care, e-kirja

Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care

Reamy, Brian V.


National Cholesterol Education Program: Adult Treatment Panel III Guidelines and the 2004 Update
James W. Haynes, Erika V. Barger
4. Dietary Interventions
Christopher W. Walker
5. Therapeutic Foods
Sarah Sallee Jones
6. Exercise Interventions

Prickett, Stephen - Education! Education! Education!, e-kirja

Education! Education! Education!

Prickett, Stephen


The essays in this book criticise the new positivism in education policy, whereby education is systematically reduced to those things that can be measured by so-called 'objective' tests. School curricula have been narrowed with an emphasis on measurable