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Levenson, Esther - Preschool Geometry, e-kirja

Preschool Geometry

Levenson, Esther


Studying Preschool Children’s Development of Geometrical Concepts
1. Theories and Research Related to Concept Formation in Geometry
Esther Levenson, Dina Tirosh, Pessia Tsamir
2. What does it Mean for Preschool Children

Gupta, Anil - Nutritional Anemia in Preschool Children, e-kirja

Nutritional Anemia in Preschool Children

Gupta, Anil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anil Gupta
2. Epidemiology of Nutritional Anemia
Anil Gupta
3. Physiological Contemplation of Iron in the Body
Anil Gupta
4. Iron Metabolism in Human Body
Anil Gupta
5. Aetiology of…

Larkins, Pam - How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School, e-kirja

How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School

Larkins, Pam


Starting school is one of the most important events in your child’s life and can be an exciting time for parents and children alike, but even the most confident child can find it a daunting prospect if not adequately prepared. Help your child to form…

Rodgers, Anne - Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years, e-kirja

Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years

Rodgers, Anne


This guide outlines best practice and key research findings on how to create a truly inclusive setting, covering all aspects of equality and diversity. The book contains advice on: supporting children with special educational needs and providing for…

Drewes, Athena A. - School-Based Play Therapy, e-kirja

School-Based Play Therapy

Drewes, Athena A.


The fully updated and revised Second Edition presents an A-to-Z guide for using play therapy in preschool and elementary school settings. This comprehensive reference covers why and how to implement a play therapy program in school settings; play-based prevention programs; individual play