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Dauvergne, Peter - Protest Inc.: The Corporatization of Activism, e-kirja

Protest Inc.: The Corporatization of Activism

Dauvergne, Peter

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Mass protests have raged since the global financial crisis of 2008. Across the world students and workers and environmentalists are taking to the streets. Discontent is seething even in the wealthiest countries, as the world saw with Occupy Wall Street in 2011.

Protest Inc.

Gabowitsch, Mischa - Protest in Putin's Russia, e-kirja

Protest in Putin's Russia

Gabowitsch, Mischa


The Russian protests, sparked by the 2011 Duma election, have been widely portrayed as a colourful but inconsequential middle-class rebellion, confined to Moscow and organized by an unpopular opposition. In this sweeping new account of the protests,

Wright, Teresa - Popular Protest in China, e-kirja

Popular Protest in China

Wright, Teresa


Popular protest in China has been widespread and prevalent. Why do people protest and how are such demonstrations handled by the authorities? Could they ultimately imperil China’s political system?
In this book, Teresa Wright analyzes the array

Johnston, Hank - States and Social Movements, e-kirja

States and Social Movements

Johnston, Hank

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Since the late eighteenth century, politics, protest, and the state have evolved together, each shaping the other in significant ways. This engaging and succinct treatment of protest-state interaction shows how the modern national state developed in

Dart, Jon - Sport, Protest and Globalisation, e-kirja

Sport, Protest and Globalisation

Dart, Jon


Women’s Olympics: Protest, Strategy or Both?
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
4. A Most Contentious Contest: Politics and Protests at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
David Clay Large, Joshua J. H. Large
5. Splitting the World