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Burns, Paul - Entrepreneurship and Small Business, e-kirja

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Burns, Paul


' - Dr Gary Packham, University of Glamorgan DescriptionThis new text follows and succeeds the second edition of 'Small Business and Entrepreneurship' by Paul Burns and the late Jim Dewhurst. It combines a theoretical management perspective with a practical 'how-to'

McDaniel, Tim - Know and Grow the Value of Your Business, e-kirja

Know and Grow the Value of Your Business

McDaniel, Tim


Table of contents
Part I. Treating Your Company Like an Investment
1. Country Club Lifestyle
Tim McDaniel
2. The Investment Mindset
Tim McDaniel
Part II. Knowing and Growing Your Business Value
3. Valuation Fundamentals
Tim McDaniel
4. Valuation Approaches
Tim McDaniel
5. Growing Your

Davies, John - Selling Your Business For Dummies, e-kirja

Selling Your Business For Dummies

Davies, John

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Selling Your Business For Dummies gives readers expert tips on every aspect of selling a business, from establishing a realistic value to putting their business on the market to closing the