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Cecere, Lora M. - Supply Chain Metrics that Matter, e-kirja

Supply Chain Metrics that Matter

Cecere, Lora M.


 Supply Chain Metrics that Matter tells this story. The book links corporate financials to supply chain maturity. In the book, the author analyzes which metrics matter.
The author Lora M. Cecere is a supply chain researcher as well as an authority in supply chain

Lovett, John - Social Media Metrics Secrets, e-kirja

Social Media Metrics Secrets

Lovett, John


Invaluable advice on analyzing and measuring the effects of social media
Do you wish you could sit down with an expert to figure out whether or not your social media initiatives are working? With Social Media Metrics Secrets, you can! Expert John Lovett taps into his years of training

UNKNOWN - Guidelines for Process Safety Metrics, e-kirja

Guidelines for Process Safety Metrics



The purpose of this book is to provide guidance to many levels of the organization when implementing or improving existing corporate process safety metrics. Although the process safety leaders in the company will have the strongest interest, it is equally important that others in leadership

Wilde, Pieter de - Building Performance Analysis, e-kirja

Building Performance Analysis

Wilde, Pieter de


Explores and brings together the existent body of knowledge on building performance analysis
Building performance is an important yet surprisingly complex concept. This book presents a comprehensive and systematic overview of the subject. It provides a working definition of building

Akramullah, Shahriar - Digital Video Concepts, Methods, and Metrics, e-kirja

Digital Video Concepts, Methods, and Metrics

Akramullah, Shahriar


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Shahriar Akramullah
2. Digital Video Compression Techniques
Shahriar Akramullah
3. Video Coding Standards
Shahriar Akramullah
4. Video Quality Metrics
Shahriar Akramullah
5. Video Coding Performance
Shahriar Akramullah
6. Power Consumption by Video