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UNKNOWN - Extrasensory Perception, e-kirja

Extrasensory Perception



The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results.…

Styhre, Alexander - Perception and Organization, e-kirja

Perception and Organization

Styhre, Alexander


Art: Visual Perception and the Aesthetic
Alexander Styhre
3. Music: Auditory Perception and Organized Sound
Alexander Styhre
4. Media: The Remediation of Image and Sound
Alexander Styhre
5. Perception and

Jones, Mari Riess - Music Perception, e-kirja

Music Perception

Jones, Mari Riess


Music Perception: Current Research and Future Directions
Mari Riess Jones
2. The Perception of Family and Register in Musical Tones
Roy D. Patterson, Etienne Gaudrain, Thomas C. Walters
3. A Theory of Tonal Hierarchies

Wade, Nicholas J. - Perception and Illusion, e-kirja

Perception and Illusion

Wade, Nicholas J.


Table of contents
1. Recording Observations
2. Nature of Perceptual Error
3. Nature of Veridicality
4. Perception in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
5. The Instrumental Revolution in the Nineteenth Century
6. The Response Revolution in the Nineteenth Century
7. The Fragmentation of the

Dhome, Michel - Visual Perception Through Video Imagery, e-kirja

Visual Perception Through Video Imagery

Dhome, Michel

Alk. 145,75€

For several decades researchers have tried to construct perception systems based on the registration data from video cameras. This work has produced various tools that have made recent advances possible in this area.
Part 1 of this book deals with the problem of the calibration and auto-calibration

Roberts, Deborah D. - Flavor Perception, e-kirja

Flavor Perception

Roberts, Deborah D.


Unlike other human senses, the exact mechanisms that lead to our perception of flavor have not yet been elucidated. It is recognised that the process involves a wide range of stimuli, which are thought likely to interact in a complex way, but, since the chemical compounds and physical structures

Dellantonio, Sara - Internal Perception, e-kirja

Internal Perception

Dellantonio, Sara


Table of contents
1. First Person Access to Mental States
Sara Dellantonio, Luigi Pastore
2. The Misleading Aspects of the Mind/Computer Analogy
Sara Dellantonio, Luigi Pastore
3. Semantic Competence from the Inside: Conceptual Architecture…