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Rossignoli, Cecilia - Digital Technology and Organizational Change, e-kirja

Digital Technology and Organizational Change

Rossignoli, Cecilia


Business Designers, Organizational Networks and ICT
Giorgio Michelis
3. The State of the Practice of Agile and Plan-Driven Approaches in ICT Development Projects: An Exploratory Research Study
Carine Khalil
4. Affordances of Social Media in Knowledge

Talat, Usman - Emotion in Organizational Change, e-kirja

Emotion in Organizational Change

Talat, Usman


Table of contents
1. Early Greek Thought and the Philosophers of the Enlightenment Era
Usman Talat
2. Worker Reason, Imagination and Emotion(s) in Change
Usman Talat
3. Organizational Change, Risk and Employee Passions
Usman Talat
4. Evolutionary Perspectives on Leadership, Emotion and Organizational