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Langenmayr, Felix - Organisational Memory as a Function, e-kirja

Organisational Memory as a Function

Langenmayr, Felix


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Felix Langenmayr
2. Social memory studies
Felix Langenmayr
3. The concept of the organizational memory funtion
Felix Langenmayr
4. Case context: Entertain Corp.
Felix Langenmayr
5. The…

Bauer, Georg F. - Salutogenic organizations and change, e-kirja

Salutogenic organizations and change

Bauer, Georg F.


Psychosocial Interventions and Salutogenic Organizations: Systematic Review Evidence of Theory, Context, Implementation and Outcome
Matt Egan
3. Organizational Health Intervention Research in Medical Settings
Anthony Montgomery, Karolina Doulougeri, Katerina

Harris, Chris - Hyperinnovation , e-kirja


Harris, Chris


Contents: Introduction SECTION I: HYPERINNOVATION-STRATEGY Thriving on Paradox Multidimensional Thinking Multidimensional Learning Multidimensonal Enterprise Collaborative Commerce SECTION II: HYPERINNOVATION-CULTURE High Concept Futuring Values that Connect Multidimensional Leaders Nurture

Bauer, Johannes - Human Fallibility, e-kirja

Human Fallibility

Bauer, Johannes


Towards a Theory of Negative Knowledge (NK): Almost-Mistakes as Drivers of Episodic Memory Amplification
Fritz K. Oser, Catherine Näpflin, Christine Hofer, Philipp Aerni
5. Professional Knowledge Is (Also) Knowledge About Errors
Hans Gruber, Michael Mohe

Scheiderer, Joachim - Human Factors im Cockpit, e-kirja

Human Factors im Cockpit

Scheiderer, Joachim


Table of contents
1. Unfallprävention
Hans-Joachim Ebermann, Patrick Jordan
2. Informationsaufnahme und -verarbeitung
Gerhard Fahnenbruck
3. Menschlicher Irrtum
Rolf Wiedemann
4. Kommunikation
Hans-Ulrich Raulf
5. Stress

Ginneken, Jaap van - The Profile of Political Leaders, e-kirja

The Profile of Political Leaders

Ginneken, Jaap van


Table of contents
1. First Impressions of Leaders
Jaap Ginneken
2. Height & Posture
Jaap Ginneken
3. Name & Destiny
Jaap Ginneken
4. Limbs & Gestures
Jaap Ginneken
5. Personality & Traits
Jaap Ginneken

Hayes, John - Theory and Practice of Change Management, e-kirja

Theory and Practice of Change Management

Hayes, John


Description The Theory and Practice of Change Management provides an examination of the key theoretical perspectives on organizational change. It clearly demonstrates how the various themes can be applied within organizations to deal with the issues arising from organizational change. In-text

Boddy, Clive R. - Corporate Psychopaths, e-kirja

Corporate Psychopaths

Boddy, Clive R.


Introduction – Corporate Psychopaths as Organisational Destroyers
Clive R. Boddy
2. The Origins of Corporate Psychopaths
Clive R. Boddy
3. Corporate Psychopaths, Bullying, Conflict and Unfair Supervision in the Workplace
Clive R. Boddy