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Jarboe, Greg - YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, e-kirja

YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day

Jarboe, Greg


Fully updated with new information, including the latest changes to YouTube!
If you're a marketer, consultant, or small business owner, this is the guide you need to understand video marketing tactics, develop a strategy, implement the campaign, and measure results. You'll find extensive

Steinfield, Charles - Communities and Technologies 2007, e-kirja

Communities and Technologies 2007

Steinfield, Charles


Everything in Moderation: The Effects of Adult Moderators in Online Youth Communities
Meg Cramer, Debbie Zutty, Brooke Foucault, David Huffaker, Dustin Derby, Justine Cassell
2. Introductions and Requests: Rhetorical Strategies That Elicit Response in Online

Araújo, Xosé Rúas - Media and Metamedia Management, e-kirja

Media and Metamedia Management

Araújo, Xosé Rúas


Jihad Online: How Do Terrorists Use the Internet?
Raphael Cohen-Almagor
9. Spanish General Elections, Microdiscourses Around #20D and Social Mobilisation on Twitter: Reality or Appearance?
Estrella Gualda
10. Video Game Screens: From Arcades to Nintendo

Tan, Honghua - Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, e-kirja

Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

Tan, Honghua


Infrared Smoke Online Automatic Monitoring System of Multi Components of Stationary Pollution Sources
Dan Zhang, Chengying Li
33. Servo System of 6 DOF Electro-hydraulic Shaking Table
Liyi Yin, Zhengmao Ye, Gang Shen, Junwei Han
34. Study and Design