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Bauer, Axel W. - Normative Entgrenzung, e-kirja

Normative Entgrenzung

Bauer, Axel W.


Table of contents
1. Aufgaben, Methoden und Aporien der Medizinethik
Axel W. Bauer
2. Moralische Leitlinien der Medizin im historischen Wandel
Axel W. Bauer
3. Heilen durch Töten? Ethische Probleme der Stammzellforschung

Whitman, Richard G. - Normative Power Europe, e-kirja

Normative Power Europe

Whitman, Richard G.


The European Union as a Regional Normative Hegemon: The Case of European Neighbourhood Policy
Hiski Haukkala
4. Mind the Normative Gap? The EU in the South Caucasus
Emma J. Stewart
5. Power Discourses and Power

Turner, Stephen P. - Explaining the Normative, e-kirja

Explaining the Normative

Turner, Stephen P.


Yet normativists, the philosophers committed to this idea, admit that the idea of a non-causal normative realm and a body of normative objects is spooky. Explaining the Normative is the first

Fuentes, Carlos Iván - Normative Plurality in International Law, e-kirja

Normative Plurality in International Law

Fuentes, Carlos Iván


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlos Iván Fuentes
2. Talking About Sources: The Constant Reliance on a Non-objectified Element
Carlos Iván Fuentes
3. The Imperfect Paradigm: Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice
Carlos Iván Fuentes
4. Human Rights as a New Paradigm

Fleurbaey, Marc - Social Ethics and Normative Economics, e-kirja

Social Ethics and Normative Economics

Fleurbaey, Marc


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Social Ethics and Normative Economics
Marc Fleurbaey, Maurice Salles, John A. Weymark
2. Kolm as a Contributor to Public Utility Pricing, Second-Best Culture, and the Theory of Regulation
Laurent David, Michel Breton, Olivier Merillon
3. Public Utility Pricing and Capacity

Islam, Sardar M. N. - Normative Health Economics, e-kirja

Normative Health Economics

Islam, Sardar M. N.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sardar M. N. Islam, Christine Suet Yee Mak
2. Economic Evaluation of Health Programs: The Case for Cost Benefit Analysis
Sardar M. N. Islam, Christine Suet Yee Mak
3. New3 Cost Benefit Analysis