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Burge, Major C. Gordon - The Annals of 100 Squadron, e-kirja

The Annals of 100 Squadron

Burge, Major C. Gordon


100 Squadron was a pioneer night bombing unit, and was the first to be raised specifically for that purpose by Hugh Trenchard, the 'father of the RAF' who contributes a forwrod to this history, commending the squadron, and its willingness to go out and

Bull, John - The Night They Blitzed The Ritz, e-kirja

The Night They Blitzed The Ritz

Bull, John


It was the worst of times for adults, thrust into the front line of the war by relentless night-bombing, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It was maybe the best of times for children, with every bombsite, aeroplane and wailing

Smith, Graham - The Mighty Eighth in World War II, e-kirja

The Mighty Eighth in World War II

Smith, Graham


In May 1942, five months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the first aircraft and crews of the newly-formed Eighth US Army Air Force arrived in England. Over the next two years their numbers swelled to a massive and powerful force of bombers and fighters described by one USAAF General as